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S2 e-Timesheet™ is a unique web-enabled time and expense tracking solution for Sage 100  ERP. S2 Incorporated’s S2 e-Timesheet™ is simple, easy to use and works with the Sage 100  Payroll module, if purchased. It is designed for employees to securely go online and enter their time based on defined labor periods that are established by the company. The system allows you to set up and track all your projects , labor hours, holiday & vacation hours, and 1099 employees to tie in with Payroll and Project Accounting. S2 Incorporated has designed the S2 e-Timesheet™ to be compliant with Standard Form 1408 where it requires that a time-keeping system must identify employees’ labor by intermediate or final cost objectives. The system tracks timesheets based on projects or tasks. The system allows audit trails and logging of transactions. Having both the S2 Project Accounting™ module and the S2 e-Timesheet within Sage 100 will allow government-contracting firms to easily follow the guidelines set forth by the DCAA, FAR & CAS. 

Product Summary

· Select from Hourly & Start/Stop Timecard Entry or Daily Timecard Entry

· Project & Labor Category Assignment for Employees

· Time by Project Tracking

· Audit Trails & Transaction Tracking

· Electronic Signature by Both Employee & Manager,

· Secure Timesheet Entry

· Manager Delegation, Approval & Rejection

· DCAA Labor Compliance

The S2 e-Timesheet™ is a unique web-based time and expense tracking solution for Sage 100 ERP  and S2 Project Accounting. Employees of companies using Sage 100 with S2 Project Accounting can easily enter time  and expenses online using this module. The system is designed to track all employee timesheet traffic. Employees are required to select their earnings code & project ID or project description and enter their time. Once the time has been approved and submitted, it can be easily imported into Sage 100 via the S2 Project Accounting™ module. The system uses two interfaces. The Employee User Interface allows users to log into the system via the web and enter their time on projects that have been assigned to them. Each employee has a unique User Name/Password. All projects assigned to Employees in Sage 100 are automatically seen in the S2 e-Timesheet™ module. The Administration User Interface allows the System Administrator to change passwords and assist users with logging in. All default settings can be changed through this interface. Email Settings, Password Setting, E-Timesheet Signature and Maintenance Settings, other setup options such as using the Manager Approval Wizard, Manager Delegation and Surrogate Setup are all done via this interface. There is a very minimal setup requirement and the system is compatible with all Microsoft Internet Explorer versions and utilizes the dot.net technology.

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